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Cravendale Milk advert wins UTalkMarketing People’s Choice

22. November 2009 | Abgelegt unter Labels, Licensing, News, Publishing, Rock'n'Roll, Style, Vampirette Music, Video

Milk. Not the most exciting of products, it has to be admitted. Pour it over your cornflakes, add it to your tea. So how to get consumers excited about milk and build emotional engagement and brand loyalty? Today Cravendale is the number one milk brand, with sales accounting for 3.7 per cent of all milk […]

The Prison Band is drinking milk! Mmh, yummy!!

8. August 2009 | Abgelegt unter Artists, Labels, Licensing, News, Publishing, R'n'R / Rockabilly, Vampirette Music, Video

Here’s the Cravendale commercial. Wieden & Kennedy today released a new ad for Cravendale Milk ‘Toe Tapping’, continuing its theme of animated toy models in bizarre situations. It’s part of a series featuring a collection of pals – a cow, a cyclist and pirate sit at the table and the jukebox starts to play a […]