Torment Album “Round The World” (Digitally Remastered)

Soeben ist das Album “Roud The World” (Digitally Remastered) der Neorockabillyband Tormant (England) als CD-Album erschienen. Release date: 21.11.2008
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Titel: Love To Drink
[audio:streaming/VAMPCD100/gbaaq8915004.mp3] [spoiler] Titel: Red Red Death

Titel: Psycho
[audio:streaming/VAMPCD100/gbaaq8915002.mp3] [/spoiler]

Torment was formed by Simon Brand and Kevin Haynes in late 1985. Simon Brand had visited a gig of The Joint Jumpers in Bristol earlier that year, a rockin’ outfit that was fronted by Kevin Haynes. The two fellows kept in touch. Simon Brand wasn’t an active part of the rockin’ circuit anymore since he was asked to leave Frenzy the year before and Kevin Haynes was also looking for an opportunity to start a new musical outfit. Consequently, a new band was born. Brought about by a lack of other opportunities, they asked Sean Holder, who was also part of the Joint Jumpers, to fill in for the vacant spot at the doghouse bass. The only thing left to
find was a band name, which was finally found on the flip side of the classic 12” EP release of Robot Riot, a recording from Simon Brand’s days with Frenzy: TORMENT.
The musical legacy of Torment has loads of more to tender than just four brilliant full length albums and the excellent Mystery Men EP, which were all recorded in a period of less than five years. The band offers an alternative route through the world of Psychobilly avoiding lyrical or musical stereotypes, always keen to experiment and the trio also was never afraid to give new technologies a try. Their unique sound, individuality and forward looking attitude turned the band into one of the most influential, interesting and best bands that ever emerged from the 80’s Psychobilly revolution. Undeniable unforgettable!

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